Boys Varsity Wrestling · CCSD motto is lived out on the mat

MARIETTA-What follows is a shout-out and a thank you to several wrestling coaches in the Cobb County School District. It is also a “behind-the-scenes” look at what happens day-in and day-out at CCSD. Faculty and staff at every school in the district work hard to ensure that students are given a great education and a great experience in their primary and secondary learning and sporting careers.

Angela Fry is the head volleyball coach at South Cobb, as well as an assistant coach for soccer and wrestling. This is her story about getting help and support from coaches at other schools. And as she says, it perfectly exemplifies the CCSD motto of “One Team, One Goal, Student Success.”

I am the Assistant Wrestling Coach at South Cobb High School. I have been the assistant for three years and while I enjoy wrestling, my knowledge of the sport is minimal. Rammon Spann, our head wrestling coach, had a death in his family and he was out of state the weekend of the sectional tournament. I have been to small meets, but never a meet with as much magnitude as the sectional tournament.

My Athletic Director, Amanda Pittman, contacted other schools that were attending sectionals. As soon as our team arrived at the tournament, Coach Jamey Stiltz from Sprayberry High School approached me and formally introduced himself. From that point forward, he went above and beyond to help my wrestlers succeed at the sectional tournament. He made sure that weigh-ins ran smoothly and throughout the tournament he watched the bout numbers and made sure I was aware of when and where my wrestlers were supposed to be.

Coach Stiltz not only helped with the organization aspect of the tournament, but he provided coaching assistance to my wrestlers during their matches. He was in the coach’s corner the entire time yelling instructions and encouragement.

There were two instances in which my boys’ matches overlapped and Jeff Crocker and Desson Bolton, head coach and assistant coach at Harrison High School, stood in and coached one of my boys.

At the completion of the tournament’s first day, Coach Stiltz’s wrestlers already headed home hours prior and he chose to stay until the last match to help coach my wrestlers. This gesture, along with everything else Coach Stiltz did, was a lesson that my boys will never forget. They are very much appreciative of the support they received and the impact of the kindness Coach Stiltz showed will never be forgotten.

The second day was not different; he was just as helpful. Again, he was there for all the South Cobb matches and in between he was working on techniques with my wrestlers to help with their upcoming matches. Osborne’s Head Coach, Coach Horzewski, was also supportive and answered any questions that I had.

The gestures of these Cobb County wrestling coaches were the epitome of the District’s mission, “One Team, One Goal, Student Success.” Coach Stiltz and the others welcomed South Cobb and made “one team” regardless of what school the wrestlers attended, with the “one goal” to represent in state, which assured “student success.”

Coach Spann has done wonders for the South Cobb Wrestling Program by building numbers and getting two wrestlers to represent our school in the state tournament. The last time South Cobb High School was represented at the state tournament was in 2012. 

Both South Cobb wrestlers mentioned—Bernard Williams and Treyveiun Riley—are new to the sport this year. They are football players and were approached by Coach Spann about joining the wrestling team. Bernard is a junior, weighs 200 lbs., and wrestles in the 220 weight class. His record was 15-6 this season. Treyveiun, also a junior, weighs 234 lbs., and wrestles in the 285 weight class. His record was 26-6 for the season. I am so proud of both of these boys.